Edison Lighting adds a sparkle to your holiday season with the most beautiful holiday light installation services from Youngstown and Pittsburgh to Akron and Cleveland.

Our hassle-free service and professional setup takes the headache out of holiday lighting installation, so you can spend more time celebrating the season with your family.

Our services include:

Holiday Light Design

Before we install a single light, our trained holiday light installation team goes to your home and crafts a plan that ensures your holiday décor will look exactly how you want. We integrate your ideas into an overall holiday lighting plan that leaves your neighbors envious.

Holiday Décor for the Whole Yard

We can decorate all aspects of your property, including the roof, gutters, landscape, trees and the front door. Our assortment of decorations includes LED in all colors and styles.

Hassle-Free Holiday Light Installation

We install 100% of your holiday light display for you, so you won’t have to spend countless hours untangling miles of matted lights.

Tech Support

Although our lights are thoroughly tested before placement on a house, we provide maintenance for decorations if you should run into any issues during the holiday season. We are available to remedy any and all problems.

Holiday Light Removal and Storage

When the Holiday season is over, we come take your holiday lighting package down and store them in our warehouse until the next holiday season.

Ready to schedule your Christmas light display? Make an appointment with us today by calling 234.759.3096 or emailing us through our contact page.